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Begin Building

After you pick gate(s) parameters, click ‘Create strands’ button. After few seconds, a csv file will be downloaded with oligo sequences needed to construct the gates you specified.

TRUMPET Gate type.
Gate Type

A chosen promoter sequence will indicate which RNA Polymerase needs to be used in the transcription reaction for the NAND gate operation.

The Reporter is an RNA aptamer sequence that follows the Restriction Enzyme cut site sequences. When the NAND operation output is a "1", the aptamer is transcribed and fluoresces after binding to its ligand.

The Restriction Enzyme chosen will indicate which cut sites are used for the NAND gate template and which enzyme should be used in experimentation.

The GC content of the gate template will affect the melting temperature and RNA secondary structure. The default percentage is 50%, which is evenly split betwee G and C bases.
GC Percentage
The melting temperature of the gate template will affect the complementary hybridization of the "input" sequences in the NAND operation. The default melting temperature is 50C.
Melting Temp
Press A to jump.
Number of Templates